Berzano di San Pietro

In the atmospheres of Berzano di San Pietro, the village of artists where the Roman art duets with the beauties of nature.


Berzano di San Pietro is a pretty village in the Asti region, one of the highest in the whole of the Lower Monferrato, located between the Turin hills and the Monferrato area.

The village is surrounded by vegetation, characterized by numerous areas cultivated with vineyards for the production of typical wines of the area, reveals for tourists a pleasant opportunity to spend a few hours in joy in an environment that offers cordiality, friendship and sympathy, all mixed to the aromas and flavors of typical wines, food products of culinary specialties and where you can taste food and wine emotions in restaurants and farms.

The particular and evocative atmosphere that is breathed in this small town is a source of inspiration for artists and numerous artisans who each in their sector offer services of unparalleled quality and experience.

Town covers an area of ​​7.34 km² and has a population of about 400 inhabitants.

It is 40 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


The first documents referring to the town of Berzano di San Pietro, in the original form of "Brisianum", date back to 1148.

Its territory crossed different dominations: from the Benedictine Abbey of Vezzolano to the Radicati of Cocconato, then to the Marquis of Monferrato and, in 1631, to the House of Savoy.

The denomination “Berzano di San Pietro” has been assumed since 1863.


Food and wine and typical products.

The town is characterized by numerous areas planted with vineyards. Among the typical wines we mention the Freisa and Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco.

The production of sweets (biscuits, hazelnut cakes) and breadsticks is also important, along with typical Piedmontese dishes such as agnolotti and mixed fry.

To be seen.

The parish church dedicated to Saints Pietro e Paolo Apostoli is located on the hill that once housed the castle, destroyed at the end of the fourteenth century by the Dukes of Savoy, bitter enemies of the Marquis of Monferrato who owned the territories of Berzano.

Berzano di San Pietro also had a second castle, Castelvaio, whose foundations are still visible in Valle Gervasio hamlet, not far from the rural chapel of Saint Grato.

Absolutely not to be missed are the Church of Saint Giovanni Battista, which preserves traces of Romanesque in the apse, and the deconsecrated Church of Saint Pietro, built in the eleventh century, which was the ancient parish church of Albugnano.

In its adjacencies, an equipped panoramic point and a picnic area have been set up.


In Berzano di San Pietro there is a durmast (oak species), with a shaft of 320 centimeters and a height of 17 meters, included in the list of monumental trees of Piedmont.