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Castelnuovo Belbo

Last update 30 January 2024

In the land of the patron saint of the gorge, a delight for the palate: giant agnolotti


Castelnuovo Belbo lies in the Belbo Valley, in the southern Astigiano.

It is about 35 km from the provincial capital, Asti, and 7 km from Nizza Monferrato.


The village, in the 12th century, belonged to the Marquisate of Incisa and Monferrato.

The Marquisate was later integrated into the Duchy of Monferrato.

In 1708, under Savoy rule, the village became part of the province of Acqui and then, in 1935, in the newly formed province of Asti.


Food and wine and typical products

The economy of Castelnuovo Belbo is based on agriculture, with particular emphasis on the wine sector.

Specialties of the village are pacloche, the giant agnolotti (unique in the Piedmontese gastronomic panorama) that go well with the prized local Barbera wine.

An opportunity to taste them is during the patronal celebrations of Saint Biagio, the first Sunday of February.

To be seen

Of particular interest are the parish Church of St. Blaise (Chiesa di San Biagio), the Church of Regina Angelorum (or Little Church of Our Lady of St. Blaise) — Chiesa di Regina Angelorum (o Chiesetta della Madonnina di San Biagio), the municipal building, and the Francesco Cirio Museum.

Also in the area is the big bench “Panchina del Nizza” and the Collina Zane E. Carlson.

To receive more information about the area, you can contact the Tourist Information Office of the Municipality of Castelnuovo Belbo.


“Punti di Interesse”. Comune di Castelnuovo Last accessed Jan. 22, 2024.


Castelnuovo Belbo joins the pact of brotherhood among all the municipalities in Italy named Castelnuovo (26 in total).

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