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Last update 31 January 2024

Tigliole: in the land of the lime trees, the praise for the precious Piedmontese beef


Tigliole lies southwest of the city of Asti.

It has the distinction of being among the municipalities with the largest land area in the province of Asti in relation to the resident population.

It is about 13 km from the provincial capital, Asti.


The origins of Tigliole go back into the distant past: it is mentioned in some documents as early as the year 974.

The municipal territory, in ancient times, was divided into two distinct areas.

Throughout history, the town is subject to the rule of the Bishop of Pavia, the Solaro family, the lords of Montafia and the Savoy family.


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Food and wine and typical products

On the tables of Tigliole the protagonist is the beef of the Piedmontese breed: in fact, there are numerous farms in the area.

In August, the town dedicates a whole day to Piedmontese meat with the Stelle in Stalla event, with raw meat tastings and a grand gala award ceremony for the best cattle exhibited by local breeders.

The area is also noted for the production of excellent Barbera wines.

To be seen

Where the castle once stood, destroyed to make way for the town hall, it is possible to enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding hills.

The premises of the municipal building house a permanent contemporary art exhibition.

Not to be missed is the Church of St. Lawrence (Chiesa di San Lorenzo).

The presence of the parish church dedicated to Saints John and Lawrence (Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Lorenzo), the Church of the Most Holy Crucifix (Chiesa del Santissimo Crocefisso), the Church of St. Charles (Chiesa di San Carlo) and the Shrine of the Madonnina of Vulgo Scapenzo (Santuario della Madonnina di Vulgo Scapenzo) are also worthy of note.


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The Astigiano Ornithological Observatory and the Wildlife Recovery Center (Osservatorio Ornitologico Astigiano e il Centro di Recupero Fauna Selvatica) managed by the Lipu of Asti, has its headquarters is In Tigliole.

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