Baldichieri d’Asti

From Roman outpost to gourmet destination: Baldichieri to taste.


Baldichieri d’Asti has a population of about 1100 inhabitants distributed over an area of 5 km².

The landscape, purely hilly, alternates fields, vineyards, meadows, woods.

It is about 12 km from Asti, the provincial capital.

The municipality has a railway station, the Baldichieri-Tigliole, stop of the Turin-Genoa line, and the local Carabinieri station.

Baldichieri participates since 1988 at the Palio di Asti, the historic horse-mounted riding race protagonist of the Settembre Astigiano. The Palio Committee of Baldichieri d'Asti is based in Via Re Umberto I, 14

In the social sphere, the town of Baldichieri d'Asti has always stood out for its sensitivity to the needs of patients with Sla, degenerative and progressive disease of the nervous system, currently incurable.


It was a Roman outpost since the first century AD

On the site now occupied by the municipal cemetery once stood the medieval castle of Baldichieri d'Asti.

The castle and the ancient village were destroyed in 1553 by the French together with the castles of Tigliole and Camerino.


Food and wine and typical products.

Home to important production, industrial, artisanal and commercial sites, Baldichieri is known for the excellent quality of its meat and wines, including Barbera d'Asti and Freisa d'Asti.

The genuineness of the typical local products is enhanced in the most characteristic dishes of the area: asparagus with fondue, artichokes alla monferrina, capunet of cabbage.

To be seen.

Among the buildings of major historical and artistic interest are the eighteenth-century municipal building in Via Re Umberto I, the parish church of Saint Secondo, built between 1560 and 1580, characterized by the play of light and shade of the facade and from the churchyard terrace you can enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding slopes, the church of Saint Secondo in the Parco della Remembranza, built in the eighteenth century on the remains of a previous building of the fourteenth century.


The decree granting the coat of arms of the town of Baldichieri d'Asti is perhaps one of the oldest still preserved in the Province of Asti.

The document is preserved in the municipal archives and is interesting for the signatures at the foot of King Vittorio Emanuele and the then head of the Government, Benito Mussolini.