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Baldichieri d’Asti

Last update 30 January 2024

From Roman outpost to a gourmet destination: Baldichieri to taste


Baldichieri d’Asti stands in a hilly position in the north of Astigiano.

It is about 12 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Thanks to the discovery of an ancient tombstone in the Vaj locality in 1941, historians believe that Baldichieri was a Roman outpost as early as the 1st century AD.

On the site now occupied by the municipal cemetery once stood the medieval castle of Baldichieri d'Asti.

The castle and village were destroyed in 1553 by the French.


Food and wine and typical products

Home to important working settlements, Baldichieri d'Asti is known for the excellent quality of its meats and wines, including Barbera d'Asti and Freisa d'Asti.

Typical recipes include: asparagus with fondue, artichokes alla monferrina, cabbage capunet, pasà d' coi.

To be seen

Buildings of major historical and artistic interest include the eighteenth-century town hall, the parish Church of St. Secundus (Chiesa di San Secondo) and the Church of St. Secundus (c/o Remembrance Park) — Chiesa di San Secondo (c/o Parco della Rimembranza).


“Punti di Interesse”. Comune di Baldichieri d' Last accessed Jan. 5, 2024.


The decree granting the coat of arms of the Municipality of Baldichieri, granted by Decree of the King of Italy dated December 3, 1934, and preserved in the municipal archives, appears to be among the oldest still preserved in the Province of Asti.

The document bears the signatures of King Victor Emmanuel and the then Head of Government, Benito Mussolini.


“Stemma e gonfalone”. Comune di Baldichieri d'Asti, Dec. 18, 2017, Last accessed Jan. 5, 2024.

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